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Last push for Intrepid documentation

The UIĀ  freeze for Intrepid has been implemented, so now it is crunch time for the Ubuntu Documentation Team. There are about three weeks before the string freeze, so special emphasis needs to be placed on reviewing the documents and fixing them now.

Matthew East made an appeal to the Ubuntu-Doc mailing list last night, now I’m going to make an appeal to blog readers and Ubuntu users at large. If you have Intrepid installed please take a few moments and scan through the documents. If you see an error, omission, or typo please take a moment to submit a bug report. Your bug reports help us make the documentation better.

As a side note, the reason I am making this appeal to folks is directly related to Ubuntu’s 6 month release cycle. The documentation for the newest release is always rushed for time, because it is almost counterproductive to do major work prior to the UI freeze. That leaves only a short window of opportunity before the string freeze. Yes we will continue to improve and fix the documentation as bugs are found, but once the string freeze is implemented, doc patches can’t happen until after release.


Intrepid and VM’s

My experiences so far with Intrepid and Virtualbox have been less than stellar. I’ve has issues with Alpha 4 and am trying to get Alpha5 working correctly now.

I’m not sure if it is a Virtualbox issue or an intrepid issue, so I’ll most likely try running VMWare to see if I get better results.I have heard through the grapevine that its an Intrepid issue, but until I’ve tried on least VMWare I’ll have to pass on judgment.

Either way I’m starting to get a little antsy because string freeze should be coming up soon, not having a clean VM of Intrepid will hinder my work on the documentation. There is always a chance of epic failure whenever using a alpha OS but when I was working with Hardy I had very few issues overall and certainly none that kept me from booting from a VM or sparate partition.

Ubuntu documentation in shreds | The Register

It appears my earlier posts have stirred up a bit of publicity for Ubuntu, and not necessarily good publicity at that. I had made some simple musings on the less than stellar success of the initiative started by a small group of folks on the Ubuntu Forums beginner team. To make a long story short, my tiny blog seems to have been targeted by the Linux hatersblog and I’m guessing someone at The Register found it there and ran with it.

In any event, my apologies to any members of the Ubuntu Community that may be upset over the Register article title, we all know the docs are not in shreds. I can only hope that after the dust settles and the trolls go back under their bridges, we get a few folks from the community interested in working on improving the wiki.

Ubuntu documentation in shreds | The Register.

Summer of Documentation

This summer has been dubbed “The Summer of Documentation” by msyelf and a few others from the Ubuntu Forums Beginner Team. What has happened is we have taken up the task of updating the Ubuntu Community Wiki. It has fallen into a huge state of disrepair and disorganization, as is often the fate of community maintained wikis.

So far this initiative has attracted a few new members and work is progressing nicely. Interested parties should drop by the Ubuntu Community Forums and look for us in the beginner team forum. Yes i know it’s slightly cryptic, but I’m saying it this way so that only people that are really interested in the project will get involved. The project falls under the broad scope of the Ubuntu Documentation Team, but you do not need to be a member of the team to work on the wiki.

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