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Summer of Documentation Ends

Earlier I mentioned an initiative started by the Ubuntu Forums Beginner Team called “The Summer of Documentation”. With the summer pretty much over with the coming of Labor Day in the United States, The results are in and they are really not as spectacular as we had hoped.

27 Wiki pages were cleaned up, expanded and brought to “standard” by 4 people. Another page is basically completed but not finished by another author, and there is still a list of pages left to complete. This list was established as an initial sweep and we had hoped to complete much much more than we have accomplished.

So what went wrong? That’s a pretty difficult question to answer. My thoughts are that the failure of the project can be “blamed” on a few different things:

  1. Failure to advertise and gain community support.
  2. Not having a good plan to get workers started
  3. Lack of clear cut goals and targets
  4. Volunteer burnout

These items are common to just about any volunteer project and many of them could have been avoided if we as a team had thought things out a little more. Since improving the Wiki is a colossal but worthwhile task, I am willing to give it another go with a little more thought and organization. I truly believe that given the large pool of potential volunteers that may be reached through the forums, using the forums as the basis for this effort is the way to go. It is also a lot easier to get exposure and coordinate the project on the forums than it would be through Launchpad or IRC.

Stay tuned for further developments as I try to get the ball rolling on the forums. I’ll need some help getting it going, as well as some folks willing to act as points of contact and mentors for the inevitable folks that say “Sure, I’d love to help but have no idea on how to contribute”.


Joining the Unanswered Posts Team and Beginner Team

With the interest so far today about Unanswered posts day on the Ubuntu Community Forums, I’d like to take a moment to plug two groups of helpful forum folks.

The Beginner Team haunts Absolute Beginner Talk and tries to be helpful and welcoming to new Ubuntu users. To get more information on the BT you can pop over to their subforum or check out this stickied thread.

The Unanswered Posts Team strives to help users that have posted on the forums and have not received an answer. Of course this team can always use help and participation since they are volunteers like everyone else on the forums. They can’t answer every unanswered post because:

1. there aren’t enough members

2. not every active member knows everything about everything Ubuntu and Linux related 🙂

For more information on the UA team pop over to their subforum.

Unanswered Posts Day

Just a reminder to Planet Ubuntu readers that today is the monthly Ubuntu Forums Unanswered Posts day. Please take a few moments from your day and see if you can help out users that have unanswered posts.

Edit: I forgot to mention that to access an easy search for unanswered posts you should go to a subforum main page (like Absolute Beginner Talk) and use the forum tools link. My apologies, I use the Unanswered post team’s search tool.

A funny thing happened on the way to the forums

The other day when I logged into the Ubuntu Community forums I got a nice PM from Matthew, inviting me to join the staff. After picking my jaw up from the floor I accepted the invitation and have become a moderator for the UCF, along with some of my friends from the ABT. Congratulations are in order for Joeb454, overdrand, vor-ubuntu, and rocket2dmn for also becoming UCF moderators.

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