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Time to try a clean install of Intrepid alpha 4

Today I tried updating my install of Intrepid and I’m having major issues. This isn’t unexpected since I installed it before alpha1 was released. I guess its time to download the alpha4 alternate iso and install a pristine copy of Intrepid in my VM. The last time I tried installing a daily build it bricked so I’ll go with the slower but more proven method of installing and updating. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed because I intend to gear up my participation in the Ubuntu Documentation Project and having a clean default installation is a must in order to properly do the job.

More later on the progress of the install, and maybe some thoughts on the Ubuntu Documentation Project.


Joining the Unanswered Posts Team and Beginner Team

With the interest so far today about Unanswered posts day on the Ubuntu Community Forums, I’d like to take a moment to plug two groups of helpful forum folks.

The Beginner Team haunts Absolute Beginner Talk and tries to be helpful and welcoming to new Ubuntu users. To get more information on the BT you can pop over to their subforum or check out this stickied thread.

The Unanswered Posts Team strives to help users that have posted on the forums and have not received an answer. Of course this team can always use help and participation since they are volunteers like everyone else on the forums. They can’t answer every unanswered post because:

1. there aren’t enough members

2. not every active member knows everything about everything Ubuntu and Linux related 🙂

For more information on the UA team pop over to their subforum.

Unanswered Posts Day

Just a reminder to Planet Ubuntu readers that today is the monthly Ubuntu Forums Unanswered Posts day. Please take a few moments from your day and see if you can help out users that have unanswered posts.

Edit: I forgot to mention that to access an easy search for unanswered posts you should go to a subforum main page (like Absolute Beginner Talk) and use the forum tools link. My apologies, I use the Unanswered post team’s search tool.

Bazaar and Ubuntu Membership

Yesterday, I went before the Americas Regional Membership Board for Ubuntu membership. Everything went really well and I was accepted as a Ubuntu member. As an interesting side effect I decided to change my launchpad login. “Why?’, you might ask. Well, one of the benefits of becoming a Ubuntu member is a email redirect from . The format for ubunto email addresses is .  My chosen moniker had already been taken when I registered my Launchpad account so that would have left me with a email address that doesn’t follow the RFCs. So I made the brilliant decision to change my Launchpad ID.

Bottom line is if you change your Launchpad ID you’ll need to fix your bazaar branches. You’ll need to go into the hidden .bzr directory for each bzr branch and edit branch/branch.conf . Replace your old ID with the new one in the appropriate lines.

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