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A funny thing happened on the way to the forums

The other day when I logged into the Ubuntu Community forums I got a nice PM from Matthew, inviting me to join the staff. After picking my jaw up from the floor I accepted the invitation and have become a moderator for the UCF, along with some of my friends from the ABT. Congratulations are in order for Joeb454, overdrand, vor-ubuntu, and rocket2dmn for also becoming UCF moderators.


Where has the time gone?

It’s been awhile since i’ve posted here. Partly because I was tied up in the “Summer of Documentation” project from the Ubuntu Forums Beginner team, and partly because I just moved.

Moving is such a drag, but I’ve gotten fairly used to it over the years. Hopefully this move will be the last one for a long time.

On the bright side, moving has given me a bit of a break from the forums and computers in general. It’s always nice to sit down after a break, because everything seems clearer and in better perspective.

I’ve managed to get some packaging done and have been pretty heavily involved in the documentors program lately so, a break was a good deal. Now its time to get busy again!