Taking the plunge

Having worked a little with the Ubuntu Documentation Students team, I’m starting to enjoy the world of documentation.  I’ve done a bunch of work on the wiki, and some patches to the system documentation for the upcoming development release, Intrepid Ibex.

Now its time to try my hand at packaging. What I’ve done so far is come up with and idea for a new package. The package will be an offline version of some of the best tutorials from the Ubuntu Community forums.

Since there is no sense in trying to reinvent the wheel, I’ve decided to maintain the structure and standards used by the Ubuntu Documentation Team when they prepare the system documents. this should make it easier for me to make the docs and validate them. However, this will present some issues in the packaging.

Since I’ll be wanting to make sure the packaging follows the standards of the Team, I’ll need to use a lot of the templates and entities they use. This isn’t too much of a problem until I need to make changes specific to my documentation package. Then it becomes an issue of making sure I do not conflict with the official package. For now, I guess the answer will be to rewrite the entites files and include them as part of my package.

The next hurdle will be to rewrite the makefile so that it works for my packaging. I’m starting to wonder about the wisdom of  taking on this project!

But in any event I’ve been reading up on the packaging process and am nearing the point where i’ll be making my first experimental run at it. I’ve installed pbuilder and the other recommended tools and have built a really small set of documents to play with while I learn the ins and outs.

All I need to do now is write a makefile and build the package. The document building was the easy part 🙂


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