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Taking the plunge

Having worked a little with the Ubuntu Documentation Students team, I’m starting to enjoy the world of documentation.  I’ve done a bunch of work on the wiki, and some patches to the system documentation for the upcoming development release, Intrepid Ibex.

Now its time to try my hand at packaging. What I’ve done so far is come up with and idea for a new package. The package will be an offline version of some of the best tutorials from the Ubuntu Community forums.

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Masters of the Universe

In addition to my current focus on helping better the Ubuntu system documentation and Community Wiki, I’ve developed an interest in what is called Masters of the Universe (MOTU). This group of Ubuntu members is responsible for a large part of Ubuntu’s continued success.

The name is a play on the “universe” repository, and possibly the old “He-Man” cartoon series. The universe repo is the best of the FOSS world, and members of the MOTU are the folks that keep it up to date.

There is a lot to learn about packaging, since Ubuntu’s packages must also meet the stringent policies enforced by Debian.

I’ll be writing about my journey into this part of the Ubuntu community as I go through the ups and down of learning how to package software. Although ultimately I would like to become a MOTU, I’ll be happy for quite some time when I am able to contibute to their efforts in some small way.

Summer of Documentation

This summer has been dubbed “The Summer of Documentation” by msyelf and a few others from the Ubuntu Forums Beginner Team. What has happened is we have taken up the task of updating the Ubuntu Community Wiki. It has fallen into a huge state of disrepair and disorganization, as is often the fate of community maintained wikis.

So far this initiative has attracted a few new members and work is progressing nicely. Interested parties should drop by the Ubuntu Community Forums and look for us in the beginner team forum. Yes i know it’s slightly cryptic, but I’m saying it this way so that only people that are really interested in the project will get involved. The project falls under the broad scope of the Ubuntu Documentation Team, but you do not need to be a member of the team to work on the wiki.

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